Floating Startup Accelerator

**Float Centre Startup Accelerator**

Are you looking to dive deeper into building, starting, and running a float centre? Our intensive five-hour training program, The Startup Accelerator*, is designed just for you. You can choose to attend in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, or at a location of your choice. Here's what it includes:

  1. **Getting Started – The Business Model**

Receive a detailed presentation of the business model with The i-sopod Business Plan Pack. Based on over 25 years of experience in float centre operations, it covers:

  • Business Plan Spreadsheet with guidelines, explanations, and cashflow projections
  • Floating Market Analysis with history, customer profiles, and research
  • I-sopod Floatation Centre Business Plan, customizable to your needs. It outlines floating and its benefits, market overview, sales and marketing, and projected financial returns.

    The entire package is provided in English.

  1. **Execution - Planning for Your Float Centre**

No matter where you are in the start-up phase, we're here to address your concerns and questions. As you plan your site and business, we offer advice on design, architectural and electrical considerations, and site orientation, including:

  • Choice of location and building orientations
  • Build-out and general setup
  • Float suite setup
  • Material selection
  • Isolation
  • Soundproofing
  • Customer amenities
  • Water Maintenance: products, tools, follow-up
  • Opening and operating your float centre
  • Dozens of practical tips and tricks.

    The meeting can be held in English or Dutch.

**Investment**: €750 (excl. VAT)

*(Includes five hours of training and consulting, hosted in Eindhoven)*.

The training is for 1 or two persons. If you prefer a different location, we can discuss it. In this case, accommodation and travel expenses will be additional.

Ready to take the next step? Fill out the Contact Page, and we'll reach out to schedule the Startup Accelerator.

*Note: All information and advice pertain to the floating setup. Our suggestions regarding choice, layout, equipment, buildout, materials, etc., are not binding and do not confer any rights. It's important to implement our advice in consultation with your project architect, designer, contractors, etc. Also, ensure that the implementation complies with your local legal requirements and the guidelines of your manufacturers and suppliers.