Epsom Salts

Floating Begins with FCC Epsom Salt

We exclusively supply Kali Epsom Salt of FCC, Food Grade quality, ensuring chemically clean and pure standards for your float tanks, rooms, and pools. Our Epsom Salt is available in convenient 25kg bags.

Shipping Information

Up to 50kg (1 or 2 bags)

Experience hassle-free checkout and have your Epsom Salt delivered via standard shipping. We prioritize the security of your order by carefully packaging it in a double box. Additionally, you have the option of free pickup in Eindhoven on the next workday following your order.

50kg and above

For larger orders, simply fill out a simple form during checkout to receive a personalized shipping price quote. Shipping times and prices may vary depending on your destination country, typically taking approximately one week. If you're located in the Eindhoven area (NL), you can enjoy the convenience of free self-loading pickup after full payment.

Please contact us here for a full price quote of FCC Epsom Salt.

All prices are ex VAT.

Business EU customers with an account, excluding NL, automatically order VAT free. VAT may be added the first order, it will be automatically refunded when the invoice is issued.