Customer Care Kits

Ensure the Comfort of Your Customers and Have Them Coming Back Again and Again!

Proactively address any concerns or issues with top quality products assembled into three convenient kits!  All products in the kits are compatible with float tanks, Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide and water treatment products.

The Customer Care Kit - Equipment is ideal if you are starting with a new float tank or seeking to upgrade your existing equipment.  It includes all the necessary products for:

  • Head support in the float tank for a natural supine position
  • Fresh water availability in the float tank
  • Ear disinfection post-float session

The Customer Care Kit - Consumables stocks you up with ear plugs and petrolatum packs for one year. Kits for six months instead of one year are available on request.  The kit includes:

  • Silicone putty and/or silicone ear plugs
  • Petrolatum packets for pre-float treatment of scratches and wounds

The Customer Care Kit - Starter combines the Equipment and Product Kits plus an online consultancy to get you fully set up, trained and launched with a best practice customer care program. 


Kit Design
The Customer Care Equipment Kit includes items that are not sold individually in our catalog, but any of these items can be reordered on request. If items are unavailable as stated, an equivalent substitution or adjustment may be made. Contact us to receive the complete listing of all included items in each kit.

Customizations are possible
For existing businesses, we will consider substitutions or slight changes to the kits at our discretion.  For startups, we recalculate and customize your kit after one year based on usage.

We offer on-site training and assistance as an option
Delivery is then free of charge, and a travel fee will be added (See Services).

More than one float unit?
All kits are available for up to four float units.  Prices are available in the drop-down menu. Price quotes for kits for five or more units are available.
Check out our Customer Care Kits below.  Have you seen our Water Care Kits too? Still have questions?  Please contact us!
All prices are ex VAT.
Business EU customers with an account, excluding NL, automatically order VAT free. VAT may be added the first order, it will be automatically refunded when the invoice is issued.