Water Management and Support

Support for your Float Water Management and Maintenance

 Since 2014, I've been deeply involved in the world of floating, gaining extensive expertise in maintenance. Back then, resources and support were scarce. My mission? Make water management simple, quick, efficient, and budget-friendly, all while keeping it easy to understand.

For five years, I worked closely with a trusted lab for monthly assessments. They guided me in achieving water balance with as few chemicals as possible, aligning perfectly with my goal.

Recognizing the need for more than what I recalled from my chemistry studies, I pursued CPO training in 2016. Successfully passing the Certified Pool and Spa Operator exam marked a significant milestone. Since then, I've been a part of this conference seven times and joined FTA. I completed Float Tank Solutions' "How to Start a Float Center" Training twice. Additionally, in 2017, I earned the SEM Certificate in Professional Water Treatment.

To stay updated, you'll often find me at expos. I learn from suppliers and manufacturers, but also value the input of you, float center owners and private owners. Now, my focus is on empowering you to independently ensure effective and cost-efficient maintenance.

From firsthand experience, we know that working with an Epsom salt solution is different from managing pool or jacuzzi water. Every drop counts, as any residue crystallizes. Standard measuring instruments often fall short. Thankfully, we've developed methods to make measurements reasonably precise, so you can oversee your water effectively. I'm eager to share these techniques with you.

Our primary emphasis lies on density, hydrogen peroxide, and pH measurements. I'll guide you on how to measure, monitor, and add products correctly to meet quality standards. We'll also delve into chemical storage and safe handling.

With our Start-up kit, you receive not only training but also ongoing support for any questions you may have. This support is invaluable in steering your business.

Feel free to reach out for technical queries regarding your tank, pool, or room. With a background in engineering and electrical engineering, I'm equipped to troubleshoot issues with pumps, filtration, UV sterilization, lighting, and control—whether on-site or online.

For comprehensive insights into float room and center design, covering acoustics, float unit selection, technical requisites, and architectural considerations, I recommend exploring the Floating Startup Accelerator Workshop.

Contact me, and let's discuss your specific needs!

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