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About Geert

I started down the path of floating in 2014 after becoming inspired five years earlier reading about it in a book.  I bought my first tank second hand and set it up in my living room.  I decided to start a small float centre with other therapies and traveled to the US to immerse myself into learning from the most experienced in the industry. 

My center, The Great Boost in Hasselt, Belgium, had 4.9 stars on Facebook with over 100 reviews.  It was a success, but in hindsight, it was my research and development center for creating Floatland.

I am an electrical engineer by trade and a designer and inventor by calling. The Great Boost became my lab.  I started upgrading my tank by developing a new operating system which is now The Float Commander.  I created products simply because they didn’t exist.  I offer several of them here for you.

My practical knowledge was earned designing and operating my own float centre and then helping others do the same. I have traveled to over 50 float centres around the US and Europe and along the way picked up and exchanged ideas with others in the industry. 

I decided to bring all of this together with my technical knowledge about float tanks, electrical systems, and float room design to help others in the floating industry and expand floating in Europe.

Floating deserves its rightful place as a top notch experiential therapy. My goal is to connect with those who are driven by the mission to grow floating and expand the float community in Europe.

I’d love to help you. If you’d like to be part of bringing our community together, please reach out.

My Other Floating Creds - CPO certification in the US, SEM certificate for water treatment, worked with a BELAC-accredited lab (water treatment) for five years. I have attended the Float Conference in the US four times as a participant and as a sponsor. I invested twice in extensive training through Float Tank Solutions, a US-based consulting firm.


Floatland photo collage About GeertFloatland photo collage About GeertFloatland photo collage About GeertFloatland photo collage About Geert