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Supplies and Support for Float Centres and Startups

Floatland was born from a desire to serve as a resource for the floating community in Europe, connecting with you to promote floating and expand its reach.
With a focus and emphasis on the fundamentals of floating. With the experience earned from nearly a decade in the industry.
We’re here for you with quality products, personalized service and expertise.

Whether you own a float centre or want to start one, we empower you with knowledge and solutions through our Consultation Services.
Check out our Floating Supplies Shop to browse all tools and products. We serve Europe including Norway, UK and Switzerland.

New to Floating?
Visit our Floating Experience Centre in Ghent (BEL) to learn more anbout floating or sign up for a full customized Startup Training for your plans and your buildout.

Shop with Confidence

Understanding your specific needs, we are available to advise you with product selection and best processes. We offer standard as well as unique items, tested for quality and suitability from our own experience in the float industry.
Consolidated ordering can reduce your shipping costs and save you time.

Visit us in Belgium

Visit our Experience Centre in Ghent, Belgium.
There are many things to consider in maximizing your investment in floating as well as protecting it.
We advise in all aspects of tank selection, installation and buildout.
Our expertise pays off in superior outcomes, lower costs, and our favorite, happy owners.

Personalized Service

Floatland will help you take the guess-work out of float operations and maintenance.
Recommendations and guidance are available to help you find and use the right products for your situation, and consultation if you need more support.
We create customised trainings and programs for new and existing float centres.

Your One-Stop Float Shop

Water Treatment and Care. Customer Care. Epsom Salt.
Float Tank Parts and Filters. Massage Oil. And More!
Shop our
Collections and check out our Convenient Kits

Starting a Centre?
We sell New Centre Startup Kits for Water Treatment and Care and Customer Care.
We provide a range of consultation services for all your practical questions.
Contact us for more information. We are happy to help you!

Note: we consider environmental impact by using recycled and grouped packaging as much as possible.

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