Meltblown Microfilters 10" (box of 50 pcs)

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Disposable Meltblown Microfilters Size 10" or 9 7/8"
Available in 05, 10, 25, 50 or 75 Micron.

Meltblown Microfilters are more dense and therefore only recommended for in depth filtration. Only a 05 Micron, or lower, is recommended.
Sizes as from 10 Micron and up very quickly reduce the flow rate, we recommend using the Wrapped Microfilters as from 10 Micron. 

Standard in boxes of 50 pieces, ask us for other amounts.

To be replaced each week, depending on use ratio.

Tip: Use a Meltblown 05 for 1 time a month for in depth filtering. Keep an eye on the flow rate.