Biofilm Cleaner Kit - for 1 year cleaning

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Full kit for weekly cleaning of the waterline and the entire interior of the float pod/room/pool.

This Biofilm Cleaner Kit is good for one year of cleaning of a float Tank, Room or Pool.

It cleans the waterline, removes the biofilm and also neutralizes all odor, fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses in the water and on the surfaces. 

The Biofilm Cleaner is a complete safe and pH neutral product, which makes it easy to apply in just a few minutes.

The Kit contains:

  • 5 liter Biofilm Cleaner
  • 1 liter Biofilm Spray Bottle
  • 50 Disposable Microsponges
  • 2 Blue Microfibre Towels Large
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Dental Brush
  • 1 Funnel