Mack's® Waterproof Earplugs in Clamshell - White

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Mack's® Waterproof Earplugs in Clamshell - White: the perfect solution for floaters with sensitive ears to water who can't tolerate plugs in their ear canal.

The Mack's Earplugs provide an absolute seal against water by only sealing the ear opening, without any insert, ensuring complete protection without the discomfort of earplugs in the ear canal.

It is the top recommended earplug for a liquid-tight seal of the ear, providing unparalleled comfort. You'll barely notice you're wearing them.

The earplugs can be reused up to 5 times until they become dirty or lose their stickiness, then they should be discarded. Each pair comes in a reusable clamshell pack.

Tips: Encourage floaters to reuse the Mack’s for their next float session! They can keep them in the clamshell box for their next float or for other uses, such as swimming or reducing external noise like traffic sounds, operating machines, festivals, snoring partners 😉, etc... as they have a noise reduction rating of 22dB!

Directions for Use:

To apply before entering the float water:

  1. Make sure hands and ear opening are clean and dry,
  2. Shape the whole plug into a ball until it gets soft and handwarm.
  3. Place the plug over the ear opening and flatten it to form an airtight seal. Open your mouth to widen your jaw joint. Avoid hair.

To loosen and remove, press up behind the ear.

    Follow this link to learn how to properly use these Mack's Ear Plugs: