Kit: Hanna pH Maintenance Fluids (8x20ml sachets)

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Kit of Hanna Pool Line® pH Maintenance Fluids
Includes all necessary fluids for Calibration, Cleaning and Storage of your pH meter:

2 pc: Calibration Fluid 4.01 - SKU WM-HP41 - REF HI700044P
2 pc: Calibration Fluid 7.01 - SKU WM-HP71 - REF HI700074P
2 pc: Cleaning Fluid - SKU WM-HPCF - REF HI7006014P
2 pc: Storage Fluid - SKU WM-HPSF - REF HI7003004P

In sachets of 20ml each, total of 8 sachets

Tips for accurate test results and a long lasting probe:

  • A 2-point calibration should be must be carried out on a regular basis.
  • The electrode of the pH meter should always be rinsed off and cleaned after use.
  • The cap, protecting the electrode, should always be moisturized with this storage fluid. The electrode should never be stored dry.
  • The pH meter is best stored at room temperature.
  • Store these Storage Fluids at room temperature, out of sunlight.

We include a separate user manual with guidelines specifically for use in the float industry.