Suction Cup Hanging Bracket White

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The Suction Cup Hanging Bracket is available in two sizes:

  1. Small: d 35 mm: this will support a spray bottle or any light item.
  2. Large, d 58 mm: this will support the Float Halo, a towel or heavier items up to 6 kg 

Color: White

Without gluing or damaging the tank surface you can mount it on any place you would like to have it, and replace it... in a few seconds. It is easy to clean and it’s 100% made of non metal parts. It will not corrode.

Tip: leave a Float Halo and a float cushion, a guest towel and a spray bottle with clean water on these hanging brackets in the float room within the reach of the guests and explain them when and why to use it.

The Float Halo is not included in this item, it is just a suggestion for use.