Halo Neck Support 1/2", Blue + Hanging Bracket

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The Float Halo 1/2" with an extra Suction Cup Hanging Bracket.

No glue or screws needed – the additional bracket effortlessly mounts and dismounts anywhere inside your pod or room in seconds!

The Halo can be easily taken off and put back on during a float session, even in complete darkness, enhancing the floating comfort.

With a fully transparent and non-metallic design, rest assured of zero corrosion, while the silicone suction cup leaves no traces. Cleaning is a breeze!

This bracket also works perfectly on any flat surface like shower and bathroom tiles, doors, and any lacquered surfaces.

Pro tip: Before mounting, ensure the surface is clean, especially to remove any salty spots, using a damp microfiber towel.

Ease your customer’s float experience with the Float Halo and its Suction Cup Hanging Bracket!