Peroxide Spray Bottle UN (1L) (Empty)

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For Quick Peroxide Cleaning and Disinfection of Anything.

Use this chemical-resistant spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide for quick, safe and easy disinfection between floaters or for periodical maintenance.  We recommend using this spray solution to treat:

  • the interior of the float pod/room/pool
  • the doors
  • any handles and knobs
  • handrails
  • the shower
  • shower heads and taps
  • plastic slippers
  • corners and seams
  • grids

The Peroxide Spray Bottle includes warnings and precautions on its label for correct and safe use as well as a transparent sight line with gradations on the side.  A peroxide filling line makes it easy to prepare the correct peroxide dilution without measuring cups or guesswork.  Always use eye protection and chemical-resistant gloves while handling peroxide and preparing the spray. 

Empty bottle with an adjustable spray jet, UN approved 1 liter.