Float Halo Neck Support 1/2", Blue

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A favorite in the float industry, this Halo is a must-have for floaters with neck or back tension, as well as first-timers seeking optimal comfort!

Each Float Halo is individually packed.

Experience a natural supine position that eases neck pain and enhances relaxation, ensuring an unforgettable float session.

The Float Halo is flexible and machine washable on a delicate cycle with towels and low heat. Hang dry only. A touch of diluted bleach or a 2% H202 solution can be used as a sanitizer.

Pro tip: Keep the Halo within reach of the floater, especially for their first float, eliminating the need to exit the tank. It will save you precious cleaning time!

Elevate your customers' float experience with the Float Halo and discover the perfect blend of comfort and serenity. Dive in today!