Tips for a successful float session

Tips for a successful float session


I had a feedback from a first time floater saying this (translated):
“It was a pleasant experience, but personally I found the sounds in the surroundings a little disturbing. I therefore put my ears under water so that the sound was less prominent.”


We were completely puzzled (it was not in our Experience Center so we had no more details). Disturbing sounds is a bummer but putting ears under water… how could they stay above?
That brought us to thinking: “based on her response she’s not likely to come in for a float session again, even worse because she was considering to offer floating in her business."

We all want to offer everyone the best experience! Entering into a R.E.S.T. state and surrendering into this amazing journey takes ALL the details, so here two TIPS for your first time floaters:

  1. Take time for your PRE FLOAT SPEECH. Make it personal and focus on details. No matter how much was communicated on website, e-mail or film, their remaining concerns are addressed and solved at that very last moment. You will know them just by the conversation.
  2. Provide EACH ACCESSORY your customer might need and explain carefully when, why and how to use it. They have no idea of what they are going to need and you want them to be as comfortable as possible, at any time. You want to be ahead of any inconvenience.

In trust and all comfort they should be able to find anything in their reach, blindly 😉.

For a successful float session, the Floatland Customer Care Kits provide all the basics the floater might need. Carefully selected, based on 5 years research and experience, we are confident in the application.

Extra service for you: in a video call we go over all items, instructions for use and we love to give tips for your pre float speech. Plus we do customize your kits, just ask us.

Have another wonderful day,


Photo Credits:
Muse Heart Photography
Heidje Klé