Three basic amenities for a float session

Three basic amenities for a float session

How is your CUSTOMER CARE set up ?

However you introduce your first time floater, things will happen all the time:

  • Itchy noses, lips and eyes, ears,…
  • Uncontrolled movements and yep, a salt drop in the eye
  • Droplets from the ceiling, right in the eye
  • And on and on…

Seemingly small things but they can completely take a floater out of a session.
And behind the scenes, we absolutely want to avoid being called upon for this and we want to reduce jumps out of the water to an absolute minimum.

To prevent stressing them too much beforehand, provide the THREE basic accessories in the floater’s area: 

  1. Neck support
  2. A Clean water Spray
  3. Fluffy guest towel 

Two TIPS for your float guests:

  1. Explain first time floaters in detail when, why and how to use it: they have no clue and you want to be ahead of them.
  2. Provide trust and comfort: always put it within their reach so they find the accessories blindly 😉. 

This shop we standard provides the Halo Ease Neck Support with the hanging Bracket.
Ask us if you want a whole kit with sprays bottles, brackets and Float Halo supports, we’re happy to make you a customized offer!