Template for a customer e-mail

Template for a customer e-mail

This is an e-mail template for your customers to confirm their reservation with the most important things they need to know. Feel free to use it at your convenience.

We also recommend to send a friendly reminder the day before the actual session with more or less the same information. At least include date and time, type of session, business address, direction and parking guidelines.  

Hello Customer,

Thank you for booking at Company Name on Sunday December 21st, 2021. You are welcome at 14:00.

You have selected xx minutes Floating for 1 person.

Please add this appointment to [link] Google Calendar

Practical tips for your float session

How much time should I schedule for my visit?

Please allow an extra 30 to 60 minutes for your visit in addition to the duration of your float session. This time is necessary for the pre float speech, your shower before and after, your treatment in the beauty bar and possibly to chill out in the lounge area.

What do I need to bring?

You are not required to bring anything with you, unless you want to use specific personal items.

Bathrobe, slippers, towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner are included in the session.

There is a beauty bar with de-make-up, mirror, hairdryer, combs and brushes, hairspray, gel, tissues, Q-tips and body lotion. For soft contact lenses, product and a case are available. It is not necessary to take them out.

For floating, waterproof Soft Silicone and Mack's earplugs and White Petrolatum are available. In the cabin you will find a Float Ease neck rest, a spray bottle and a towel for extra comfort.

Floating is preferably done without bathing suits for reasons of hygiene and your own float comfort. The floatation room is a private room.

How to prepare physically?

Floating requires absolutely no effort, no fitness, no training.

However, it is advisable to leave your hair as natural as possible beforehand (no sprays, gels etc.) and to check that your recently colored hair does not discolor any more when you wash it. This is to avoid coloration in the tank.

On the skin, we recommend using as few products as possible such as make-up, creams, perfumes, etc.

Since the water has a high magnesium content and thus stings, it is best not to shave or wax that day. Vaseline is available to seal small wounds if required.

For women

Floating is possible during periods with the same protection as swimming.

With pregnancy floating is possible up to the eighth month. In case of doubt: if swimming  is permitted by your doctor then that usually applies to floating, too.

Do I need to be mentally prepared?

For floating you do not need any previous knowledge or preparation. It can be helpful to take it easy beforehand and to take your time. After the session it is advisable to relax a bit and let the session integrate. Time and space is provided for this.

Food/drinks before the session

For a good experience, a light meal one to two hours before the session is ideal. It is recommended not to eat a heavy meal and not to drink strong coffee, tea or energy drinks.

When is floating not possible?

Floating under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not possible.
With larger wounds, epilepsy and severe kidney problems it is not possible to float.
If you are under medical treatment please consult your doctor first.

How can I pay?

For memberships and prepaid bookings everything is taken care of.

Do you have a turn card, gift voucher or other voucher? Please bring it with you when you visit.

You can pay on site in cash, by debit or credit card or via your smartphone.

For more information, see the FAQ here.

How to reach Company Name?

Company Name is situated ... in the vicinity of ... this is visible ... this is where you park ... this is what it costs ... this is what we reimburse ...

View on [link] Google Maps

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.


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