Spray Bottles for maintenance

Spray Bottles for maintenance

Our 1liter Biofilm Cleaner and Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Bottles are fully chemical resistant, UN approved.

The bottles include instructions on the label for easy use and warnings and precautions for correct and safe handling. A transparent sight line with gradations on the side shows the level of the fluid.

And a filling line ensures easy, quick and correct preparation of the dilution. No measuring cups or guesswork needed.

Sprays have well sized handles and adjustable spray jet.


BIOFILM CLEANER spray neutralizes surfaces that are often missed or hard to reach such as corners, seams, grids, and handles. Used for the interior and the door of the Float Pod/Room/Pool and for removing the waterline.

Periodical cleaning prevents biofilm from sprouting, eliminating odors, fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

PEROXIDE spray for quick, safe and easy disinfection between floaters and for periodical maintenance, at a low cost.

We recommend to treat:

  • the interior of the float pod/room/pool
  • the doors
  • any handles and knobs
  • handrails
  • the shower
  • shower heads and taps
  • plastic slippers
  • corners and seams
  • grids
  • combs

Note: always use eye protection and chemical-resistant gloves while handling peroxide and preparing the spray. 

A PEROXIDE REFILL BOTTLE UN (1L) with a child-resistant cap is used for Storage and Application of Small Doses of Hydrogen Peroxide.

The Refill Bottle includes warnings and precautions on its label for correct and safe use as well as a transparent sight line with gradations on the side.