How did you get inspired for floating?

How did you get inspired for floating?

I am probably not a bookworm, but in a(nother) dip of my life, that one in 2008, I came across this book: ‘Living Deliberately’ written by Harry Palmer.

It was advised by a health practitioner. He did that to bring me to broader perspectives around my given body challenges. I fully read it and OMG this was a BLOWOUT!

In this book the author not only describes insights he obtained on the values of life, but also helps you out to get there YOURSELF and to move towards better ways of living TOGETHER. One of the methods he used was FLOATING. He did that for 8 SUCCESSIVE WEEKS in his own living room in 1986!

By reading those three chapters about his float tank I was totally inspired to find out about it myself. I’m not a fast tracker but in 2014 I finally got started.

My wife Alicia and I took the honor to briefly introduce you this book on our Instagram account floatland_europe.
Later on you'll find some excerpts out of it. So we offer this service for non- bookworms, like myself 😉


Geert and Alicia

 Alicia with Living Deliberately Book Harry palmerFloatland Living Deliberately Book Harry PalmerFloatland Living Deliberately Harry Palmer backside

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