Prevent Leaks in Filter Housings: A Solution for Float Pods and Rooms

Prevent Leaks in Filter Housings: A Solution for Float Pods and Rooms

We've noticed a recurring need for preventing leaks in size 5 filter housings used in float pods and float rooms. Often, the problem arises from flanges and rings, leading to undesired leaks. To effectively address this issue, we have developed Gasket Rings that offer a reliable solution.

Float installations require specific maintenance due to the presence of Epsom salt. The filter housing's flanges experience slight expansion when exposed to warm Epsom water, followed by contraction during pump standstill. This movement, combined with the vibration caused by the pump, results in continuous Epsom water deposition, which can crystallize and cause leaks.

To prevent leaks and minimize maintenance, we would like to emphasize a few important points. Thoroughly rinse the ring, flange, and lid with lukewarm water before installing the ring. Failure to remove Epsom salt crystals may compromise the gasket's sealing during assembly. However, it is unnecessary to overtighten the lid, as this may hinder opening and potentially damage the rubber components.

Another common issue is that some blue Pall filter housings have a slightly oval shape, preventing the lateral seal from fully closing and leading to leakage. Our rings also provide a solution for this problem.

Furthermore, we have discovered that glycerine serves as the ideal lubricant for the rings, facilitating easier opening without causing damage to the rubber or housing. In our online shop, we now offer glycerine, along with spare 1-micron filter bags and other products for your float center.