General info prior to a successful first float session

General info prior to a successful first float session

This is an introductory text to provide to your customers on your website, folders and social platforms. It is thought through many times. It answers the basic questions and concerns first time guests will often have before they will book. A FAQ list with more practical details and the emails to the guests are to be found in other blogs. Feel free to use any of this content and to adjust and update it at your own convenience.

It is my first float

At your first float all practical explanations are given in a pre float speech. Any questions will also be answered until you feel fully comfortable. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes.


Once all instructions have been given, the float room and shower are private until the end of the session. Floating is preferably done in the nude.

Hygiene rooms and water

Between each session the float tank, float room and sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected. All information about water maintenance can be found in the description of the float tank.


It is studied and proven that anxiety decreases due to floating. After 10 minutes floating evokes a feeling of calmness, expansion, space, freedom. Being in a float tank has nothing in common with e.g. being in an elevator. Try it and discover yourself!

Minimum - maximum age

Floating is recommended from the age of 16. Up to 18 years of age we require adult supervision. There is no maximum age but we do ask that the person is accompanied if he or she is not able to function fully independently.

Duration of a float session

There is no limit to the duration of a session: the skin does not shrink and there is no mineral loss due to the high salt content. The body will not absorb too much magnesium.

  • A session of 60 minutes is sufficient for physical recuperation.
  • A 90 minute session is recommended to experience a deep theta state.
  • A floating session of 2 hours or more is recommended for deeper meditation and introspection.

Number of people

Floating is an ultimate moment alone. Coming with two or more is possible, but the sessions take place in separate cabins, simultaneously or one after the other. There are special duo packages with other services and there is a lounge to enjoy before or after while the other floats.

I can't swim, can I float?

Being able to swim is not a requirement at all. The water is 25 cm deep and you cannot sink because of the high salt content. During a session you do not naturally turn on your side or stomach. There is a neck support in the cabin for extra comfort.

What are the physical requirements

Floating requires absolutely no physical effort, no strength, athleticism or flexibility. However, for questions about specific physical conditions we refer to our detailed FAQ sheet. In the confirmation e-mail we give some advice about drinks and nutrition before the session.

Do I need an understanding of meditation

For floating you do not need to have experience with meditation, personal development or anything else. You need no preparation but for optimal results we recommend to take some time off and take it easy before a session, and to relax after the session.


Let guests know how disabled, elderly and people with (temporary) mobility problems can enter the float center. Is it on the ground floor, are there lifts, stairs or steps, how can they get in and out of the cabin. Let them know in advance if extra measures need to be taken.

Route and parking

Here you provide information and a route link on how to get to the venue and where people can park. Let them know if parking is free or paid (or with a parking disc) and be sure to let them know if the cost is paid by the business.

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