Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 9

Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 9

Anxiety or depression? The greater the symptoms, the greater the reduction.

In a second study, Dr Feinstein shows that the positive effect of floating on people with anxiety or depression is even greater than on an average person. The results were published in PLOS ONE*. This is an international, open access scientific journal in the field of biology.

Fifty patients were studied across the spectrum of anxiety and depression, such as PTSD, generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks and agoraphobia. A 50% reduction in symptoms was observed.

In the world of clinical research on psychiatric and psychological conditions, he has yet to see anything that works so reliably. The greater the fear, the greater the reduction. It didn't matter what their condition was beforehand, what their gender was, it didn't even matter if medication was taken.

The anxiety reduction had a large effect regardless of these characteristics.

*The study published in Plos One:


This is the 9th excerpt of 18 out of Dr Justin Feinstein's talk at Float Conference 2018, Float Away Anxiety. Research results can be found at:


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