Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 6

Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 6

Floating resets anxiety symptoms for one day.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how long the effects of a float session last. Dr Feinstein found that, apart from anecdotes, no study had been done on this.

In his study, people with a smartphone were pinged for up to 32 hours after a one-hour float session and asked how they felt.

The reduction in stress and anxiety was clearly noticeable until the following day, more than 20 hours after the session. The effect was noticeable up to about 32 hours.

For serenity there is an even greater difference between our control-wake state and the surrender into peace of mind. The effects also last longer.

The people who participated in the study felt miserable and were not happy at all. One hour of floating gave them peace of mind that lasted a day.

These are not insignificant data. Most people with these stress and anxiety symptoms are prescribed tranquillizers. These have an average duration of 4-8 hours, while the effect of floating lasts for 20 hours.

One hour of floating provides a reset of these symptoms for one day. The research was conducted with 95% reliability. This is an impressive result.

This is the 6th excerpt of 18 out of Dr Justin Feinstein's talk at Float Conference 2018, Float Away Anxiety. Research results can be found at:


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