Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 10

Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 10

Floating brings symptoms of fear and anxiety back to normal, liveable values.

In a floating study, 50 adults with severe anxiety were compared with 30 people without these symptoms. The results of the whole group were compared in a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (STAI test*).

There was initially a large difference between the 50 people with anxiety symptoms and the 30 healthy people, but the level of decline after floating was remarkably large. All subjects with fears and anxieties returned to normal, healthy levels after the float session.

This is an important discovery for our community.

*STAI test:

The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) is a commonly used measure of trait and state anxiety.

It can be used in clinical settings to diagnose anxiety and to distinguish it from depressive syndromes. It also is often used in research as an indicator of caregiver distress.

This is the 10th excerpt of 18 out of Dr Justin Feinstein's talk at Float Conference 2018, Float Away Anxiety. Research results can be found at: