Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 1

Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 1

Dive into this amazing talk of JUSTIN FEINSTEIN at Float Conference 2018: Float Away Anxiety.

Clinical Neuropsychologist Justin Feinstein, Ph.D., is the founder and was director of the Float Clinic & Research Center at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He spearheaded the first studies to show how floating could rapidly and reliably ease the suffering in patients with anxiety and stress-related disorders.

The talk is cut in 18 light and digestible pieces with illustrating diagrams and pictures. This is the first excerpt:

Floating has a healing effect on anxiety and stress.

What happens in a well calibrated float tank? Floating in it has a healing effect on anxiety and stress.

In a well-calibrated float tank, everything is controlled: it is soundproof, fully lightproof, the humidity and temperature are controlled, and it is vibration-free.

There is no smell, no taste. Nothing that makes us plan or move. We just lie still. No information is coming in.

This creates an extraordinary circumstance in which virtually all brain activity ceases and in which the central nervous system also fails because of the weightlessness in the salt water. Our nervous system, overwhelmed by all the input, rebreathes.

It brings us into a state of pre-essence, an essential state of being. Not even facing gravity.

Dr Justin Feinstein specifically examines patients with high levels of anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress and nervous problems. This target group is usually very scared and resistant to the experiments, but the lab is set up in such a way that they overcome the threshold.

And that is important because Feinstein has found that these people in particular make very good progress. The LIBR research institute is evolving in five years to a 'Clinical floatation tool model', a model that will be used in hospitals and medical care facilities. This is groundbreaking!

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