Do you still recognize this?

Do you still recognize this?

Probably you all do: these are the pure FCC Epsom Salt Crystals, neatly put in detail by my own son, Mattice.
(Ask me if you would like to use some of these micro photo’s, we are happy to help you out.)

This to bring you to a short story about the AMAZING REHABILITATION EFFECT of Epsom salt, in this case on a foot sprain. I experienced it myself 7 years ago, that’s why I think it’s something of value to share:

On a walk in the forest, I sprained my foot so badly, it really creaked and I fell down in the sand. It was very painful and I needed support to get to my car. My foot was completely swollen.

As I am challenged with a nerve condition in my feet, this was a very delicate matter. At home I had to drag myself around, I just couldn’t walk. It was late in the afternoon and I decided I had nothing better to do than… surrender and lie down in my float tank…

Well, a miracle must have happened: I fell asleep, woke up THE MORNING AFTER (8 hours) later, looked at my foot and THE ENTIRE SWELLING WAS GONE. I came out of the tank and also felt NO PAIN at all when I started walking. I could just walk as usual again, everything was gone!

That was one of the many more moments in my life I decided to dedicate to the incredible world of floating. Anyone had such experiences? I’m really curious!!

Remember, if you have an unexpected Epsom salt shortage: We will supply, from our stockpile, any amount you would need. Just ask me.

To an exciting float future,


 Floatland Epsom salt crystals detailFloatland Epsom salt crystals detailFloatland Epsom salt crystals detail

 Photo Credits: Mattice Boets