Do we absorb magnesium by the skin?

Do we absorb magnesium by the skin?

Knowing most people have a MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY I was very pleased to see this level in my bloodwork. 

I never take any magnesium supplements but we do practice floating and we also use Epsom salts in our bath at home. These are our two great moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, each in their own category/level ;-).

And, besides that, we take care of our food and life style but that's all I do...

So, at least for me, it takes away some doubt I had about the possibility of magnesium absorption through the skin in Epsom salt water. There is so much said about it but I’d say yes, I think it works!

Note from my doctor after discussing this test result: it is a measurement in the blood and not intra-cellular. That can can give a very different result. To check if you are low on magnesium, he says, take a few supplements for a few days and if you feel the difference, then you need it anyway.  

Do you have similar observations as a result of practicing floating or taking supplements?