A great start to 2022 with Andrea Bosch, DFV Germany

A great start to 2022 with Andrea Bosch, DFV Germany

A meeting with Andrea Bosch from German Floatation Association, Deutscher Floating Verband, DFV.

Despite an unstable internet and a shiny camera we came to an inspiring and empowering kick off meeting for 2022. Our summary:

The floating community is relatively small, but slowly growing. There is enormous potential, the world’s need to decompress has never been so high and seems to be growing still. In this meeting we re-discovered the importance of reaching out and hanging out together, helping each other out and encouraging each other to help us sustain and grow.

As part of a pioneering group of entrepreneurs, we all have our specific challenges and experiential learnings in the float industry. We found good hope in the analogy of yoga 30 years ago. A mysterious occupation for some elite has become a popular daily routine worldwide.

Maybe floating needs some more effort and support to get to this point but it’s all worth doing it. Offering floating eventually brings meaningful delight to yourself and to others.

We have our ups and downs, our questions, our unknowns, our challenges and discouragement. All of us. Therefore we believe the Float Community in Europe is ready to come to a new spirit. Many issues don’t need all to be figured out by yourself. Some do already have a solution for you and are happy to help you out! Everyone in this industry matters because we all contribute in our own unique way.

Andrea, also founder of Tranxx Floatcenter in Berlin, concluded that besides working on the job, another important piece is the work on yourself. Your other step is to reach out to us or to others with any questions, concerns or findings. We all love to hear from you!

Let us know if you feel moved to join us, in whatever way. We will keep you posted!

To a successful Float year,


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