*NEW* Starterkit pH Meting

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The Starterkit pH meting includes all the essentials for accurate pH measurements in Epsom salt water, along with maintenance fluids for six months.

List of contents:

  1. Dosing Bottle for Storage Fluid
  2. Small Funnel
  3. Microfiber for clean and dry wiping
  4. Set of 3 Measurement Cups for accurate measurements and calibration
  5. User guide for use in Float solution
  6. 10 Maintenance Tips from Hanna 
  7. Set of Maintenance Fluids, sufficient for 6 months of use:
  • 3x Calibration Fluids pH 4.01
  • 3x Calibration Fluids pH 7.01
  • 3x Cleaning Fluid
  • 2x Storage Fluid


With the use of Hydrogen Peroxide and Non Chlorine Shocks only the pH does not vary that much but please follow the requirements of your manufacturer and your local government for your measurement program. Adding chlorine or chlorine shocks will slowly change the pH, adjustment will be needed.