NEW in our FLOAT shop!

NEW in our FLOAT shop!

We are pleased to now offer the 1 micron 10-inch cartridge filter in our collection of filters.

It was added for an important reason:

“The best technology to prevent transmission of anything between floaters is... the one micron filter. A one micron gap will remove almost any contaminated particle out of the water.”

…as explained by Roy Vore, PhD and microbiologist, at the 2022 Float Conference.

TIP 👉 use the filter occasionally and alternate with your standard filter sizes for smooth operations of your system.

For this reason, we introduce the Polypropylene String Wound Microfilter 10" (01 micron) filters in the following quantities:

60 pc: 3,26 € per piece
30 pc: 3,66 € per piece
10 pc: 4,22 € per piece

SKU: PP-1001

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Click here for the whole filter assortment including the 1 micron filter bags size 4 and 5.


Floatland PP string wound microfilter 10 inch 1 micron