Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 16

Float Away Anxiety - Excerpt 16

Sports clubs in the US start floating and achieve spectacular results.

Example 2:

The National Football team The New England Patriots had started floating before all other sports teams had heard of it. Tom Brady, one of the players, even has a float tank in his house.

In the 2016 Superbowl, they played one of the most legendary games ever. They were down 3-28. Doctor Feinstein, who was watching the match, thought they had better not float because they were apparently too relaxed 😊.

But in the third they made a comeback with 31 points, the biggest ever. At the point when they were still down 8 points, Tom Brady gave an almost impossible pass to Julian Edelman, one of the team's most ardent floaters.

And this pass has become one of the most legendary in history. With three opponents around him, he was able to focus and direct his attention in such a way in this extremely stressful situation so that he got the ball.

The New England Patriots became champions 34-28!

In this video you can see it slowed down and it is truly spectacular:


This is the 16th excerpt of 18 out of Dr Justin Feinstein's talk at Float Conference 2018, Float Away Anxiety. Research results can be found at: