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Halo Neck Support, blue + Hanging Bracket

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A float industry favorite, the Halo is the most helpful support for first time floaters or floaters with neck or back tension.

This item is delivered with an additional hanging bracket

The added suction cup hanging bracket will support the Halo in the tank or room.  Without gluing or damaging the tank surface you can mount it on any place you would like to have it, and replace it... in a few seconds. It is easy to clean and it’s 100% made of non metal parts. It will not corrode.

The Float Halo allows the head to float in a more natural supine position. Especially for first time floaters, this enables the neck to completely relax and can reduce neck pain and discomfort while floating.
Hand and machine washable with towels on delicate cycle and low heat. Hang dry only, no dryer. Diluted bleach or H202 can be used as sanitizer.

Tip: Leave in the tank on the hanging bracket for first time floaters so they don't have to get out of the tank to retrieve it, in case they find out that they do need it ;-)