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Hanna Pool Line Electronic pH Meter and Thermometer

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The Hanna® Pool Line pH Meter and Thermometer measures both pH and temperature accurately in Epsom salt water.

Ranges from 0 pH to 14 pH with a resolution of 0,1 pH.

Temperature accuracy 0,1°C.

The meter comes in a storage box including 2 pH solutions for calibrating, a cleaning solution and a user manual.
We add a very detailed instruction guide for use in the Float Industry, developed with Hanna, to make your tester last as long as possible for a low budget. The guide includes guidelines for:


With the use of Hydrogen Peroxide only the pH does not vary that much. A weekly test should do. Of course follow the requirements of your manufacturer and your local government requirements at first. Adding chlorine or chlorine shocks will slowly raise the pH, adjustment will be needed.